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Dogs of Law
by Noël Sweeney
Dogs of Law analyses the major criminal legislation that affects dogs and our legal duty in caring for them.

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Animals in Law
by Noël Sweeney
Covering all aspects of the the two main criminal statutes affecting animals, the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
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Duggie is a bad bad Dog
is a bad bad Dog
by Noël Sweeney
The new existential animal rights book for children.

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About Noël Sweeney

Noël Sweeney is a practising barrister who specialises in criminal law and human rights and animal law. He has lectured widely on those subjects and written on all aspects of the legal status of animals. He is a member of the Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare and the Animal Welfare Science Ethics and Law Veterinary Association.

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Duggie is a bad bad Dog: the new existential animal rights book for children.

Edith, the volunteer at the animal sanctuary told the family that adopted Duggie:

“All rescued dogs have problems. Duggie is no different. It is as if they know they are edging towards death, yet always hoping that the next visitor will save them. Their problems start with people like Kelly who abuse them. So always treat Duggie with care and kindness. He’ll repay you in diamonds with a lasting loyalty.”

That remained true until the day Maggie and Dave arrived home and found their son, Benny, bleeding from a dog bite.

Dave and Maggie reported their pet dog to the police. Later the family took Duggie to the Crown Court. The Judge decided Duggie is a ‘dangerous’ dog and sentenced him to death.

Duggie is due to die the next day at Noon. He is arrested and placed in a prison cell to await his fate.

Duggie cannot reveal the secret that could save his life…

Imagine being convicted as a common canine criminal and then sentenced to death while believing all you are guilty of is innocence: Duggie is a bad bad Dog. [tbp: 11/11/15]

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The Sentencing Council [SC] issued the first Guidelines on the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 [DDA] on 20 August 2012. Until then the courts treated defendants with undue leniency while often routinely killing their dogs. Generally the SC recommended increased sentencing powers for the courts according to the various offences. Nevertheless it had an inherent weakness […]

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